Thursday, December 04, 2014

DIY STARBUCKS ORNAMENTS ★ Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Prepare yourself for the most #Basic #WhiteGirl Christmas tree decoration EVER! LOL... haha

The other day I was at Starbucks and saw the cutest ornaments ever! They're mini starbucks cups and they're very affordable, they are like $4.99 or something like that....

And those little ornaments totally inspired me to make my own Starbucks Christmas Tree ornaments!

They're very affordable to make you only need to re use your hot drinks cups (ask for the "Short" size, this is the smallest size that Starbucks offers) modpodge and some glitter.

Here are some photos of the ornaments that I made:

White Embellished Cup:

Red Glittery Cup:

Whipped Creme Ornament:

I really hope you like my idea, if you are going to recreate them don't forget to use #HellomaphieXMAS on instagram and Twitter so I can see your photos!

Here's the tutorial:


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