Friday, November 07, 2014


Hi Guys! I'm SO excited to film more Holiday/Winter themed videos.

For today's video I collaborate with Zazzle to design the perfect Holiday Gifts!

I designed a French Fries Pillow, a Makeup Bag and a pair of Coffee Mugs.

Here are the exact files that I designed in photoshop and are the ones that I used to design the gifts on Zazzle:

Makeup Bag:

Coffee Mugs:

French Fries Pillow:

Watch the Christmas Gift Ideas video here:

As always thank you so much for all your support!

xoxo Mafer

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  1. me gustó la bolsita de maquillaje! :3 pero como lo imprimo para que quede en la tela? para unir las 2 partes y poner el cierre etc como lo hago? pliss ayudame


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