Saturday, November 15, 2014

DIY Holiday Room Decorations ❄ Easy, Fun and Affordable!

I've been waiting for this moment since Christmas 2013, lol haha

Finally, one of my favourites times of the year, The Holiday Season!!

Ever since the red cups at Starbucks are back I've been feeling so Christmasy, I know it hasn't been Thanksgiving day yet but I couldn't wait more to post a new holiday video in my channel.

This time I came up with 3 easy DIY projects to decorate your room for the Holiday season, not only they're super easy to make but the items you need to make the decorations are extremely inexpensive!

I really hope you like my ideas, if you recreate one of them don't forget to use #HelloMaphieXMAS on Instagram and Twitter, I would LOVE to like and retweet your photos!

Hope you like my video:

xoxo Mafer

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  1. All this looks just amazing. We also decorated our office for Christmas and it was very nice experience. The party was very enjoyable. There was an office pizza party and in the next day they hosted a grand Xmas event at rental corporate events NYC venue. Our other business vendors were also the part of that event.


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