Saturday, February 14, 2015

DESK TOUR + DIY Desk Decor

Hi Guys!

Today im finally doing my desk tour! Here im going to show you what's on my desk and some DIYs to decorate your desk/office like the ones on Tumblr and Pinterest.

My theme of my desk area is black and white and I really love how this little corner looks, it makes me feel so happy while im editing videos or just while im watching Youtube.

Here are some DIY ideas to decorate your Desk/Office area:

Inspirational Quote Party Banner

You will need:
- Quote Print
- Exacto Knife
- Hole Puncher
- Black String

1. Cut all the letters of the quote 
2. Then take the hole puncher and make 2 holes per letter
3. Take the black string and pass it through both of the holes of each letter.
4. Use some push pins to hang this on your wall and thats it!!!

"The Sky's The Limit" Printable:

Floral Centerpiece + Fairy Lights

I love the mix between classy and modern of this DIY , it adds to my desk a very unique touch

You will need:
- Metallic Crinkle
- Empty Candle Jar
- Fake Flower
- Battery Operated Fairy Lights:

1.Place the fairy lights inside the jar
2.Use the metallic little papers to hide the batteries
3.Now cut the stem of the flower to fit in the jar and thats it!! 

This is so easy to do and it looks really nice!

Black & White Prints

Another cool way to add your personal touch to your desk is by adding to the walls black and white prints, they are super easy to make, I use photoshop to make mines but you can use any software you like….

To make your walls or desk more like pinterest or tumblr style, use a black tape! I always see this kind of prints on tumbler and I tink the black tape make your prints 10 times better!

Here are the prints that I mentioned in the video, feel free to use them for your decor :)

My Wallpaper is by Belinda Marshall

I Really hope you like this ideas, im going to leave the video here if you want to see all the details about my desk, all the info and links will be in the description box of the video.

Happy Valentine's Day!
xoxo Mafer


  1. what kind of camera do you use? LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

  2. I use a Canon Rebel t3i :)

  3. Inspiring video. Thanks for sharing this to us. Moreover, whether you use it once a month to pay bills or every day to conference with people across the globe, your home office needs to be functional, beautiful and efficient. Home office furniture plays a very important role in achieving your dream design.

  4. I love your blog and thx for this have also very nice videos :)

  5. Loved your video amazing like always 😊 💕 Where did you get your mini Starbucks Flash drive at?

  6. con que pograma haces las frases?

  7. Hey I know this video was from last year but I only just got round to doing it ����
    When I click on the pics/posters eg: but first coffee where is the print button because I can't find it,sorry I'm really bad with these things ��

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