Saturday, February 21, 2015

DIY Tumblr Room Decor ♥ Chanel Tray, Dior Piggy Bank & More!

HI Guys! I know that It's been a while since I posted a tumblr inspired room decor post so today  im going to show you how to make a Chanel Tray, a Dior Piggy Bank and some boxed roses like the ones by Maison des Fleur.

1.Dior/Chanel Piggy Bank $$$ 

You will need:

- Coffee Cup
- White Spray Paint
- Logos of your choice

1. Paint the coffee cups to have a blank canvas.
2. Use an Exacto knife to cot a small part of the lid to create the opening.
3. Add the logo to the coffee cup
4. That's it! Now its time to save some money :)


2. DIY Boxed Roses ( Maison des Fleurs Copycat )

I really love white roses….specially the real ones! 

I always see this brand of roses on tumblr so i decided to make my own boxed roses :)

You Will Need:
1. Roses ( I used real ones but you can use fake ones instead) 
2. Black box
4.Maison des Fleur Logo (Optional)


To see more of this DIYS watch the video here:


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